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Feb 26, 2016 · A hydrocele is a collection of fluid in the scrotum. Most develop for no apparent reason and are harmless. Hydroceles are normally painless. Large hydroceles may cause discomfort because of their size. Walking or sexual activity may become uncomfortable if you have a very large hydrocele.Author: Dr Louise Newson. Hydroceles occur when fluid fills a sac in the scrotum of the penis (in the "inguinal canal"). About 10 in 100 male infants have a hydrocele at birth. Hydroceles can also develop with swelling or injury of the scrotum. Hydroceles and inguinal hernias can become a problem for males. Females do not.

Jan 06, 2017 · Hydrocele occurs when there is a collection of fluid inside the scrotum. This causes one of the testicles to look larger than the other. Hydroceles are often found in 3.1/5(8). A hydrocele is a swelling in a boy’s scrotum, the thin sac that holds his testicles. It happens when too much fluid builds up inside. The condition is most common in newborns, though older boys Author: David Steen Martin.

Who gets Adult Hydrocele? (Age and Sex Distribution) Hydroceles are typically seen in 1 out of 100 adult males; Frequently, Adult Hydroceles are observed in men over the 40 years of age; The condition is observed worldwide; no race or ethnicity is particularly affected; What are the Risk Factors for Adult Hydrocele? (Predisposing Factors). Hydroceles usually don’t cause any pain. Usually, the only symptom is a swollen scrotum.. In adult men, there may be a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. In some cases, the swelling might be Author: Carmella Wint And Jacquelyn Cafasso.

Hydrocele is caused by the build-up of fluid in the scrotum, and commonly occurs in infant males or adult men. Hydroceles are usually harmless, but in some cases may be caused by a tumor or another serious condition. Most hydroceles disappear without treatment, however, surgical removal is .