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Nov 01, 2017 · Below are some ideas for how to do just that: Cut food into small pieces. Use broth, gravy, or sauce to moisten food. Soup is a healthy and safe option in a soft food diet. Grind or puree foods. Mash foods, like potatoes, veggies, and fruits.Author: Caleb Murphy. Foods to eat on a soft foods diet pureed fruit (such as applesauce). canned fish and canned poultry. fruit juice and vegetable juice. white rice. egg noodles. white bread. mashed potatoes. bananas. mangoes. avocados. cottage cheese. tea.Author: Kathryn Watson.

A soft diet is made up of foods that are soft and easy to chew and swallow. These foods may be chopped, ground, mashed, pureed, and moist. You may need to follow this diet if you have had certain types of surgery, such as head, neck, or stomach surgery. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are too hard to eat when you are on a soft diet, but there are many other options. Besides ripe bananas, which are soft enough to eat fresh, you should only eat cooked or canned fruits, or applesauce. If you are able to tolerate thin liquids, you can try 100 percent fruit juices or .

There are many reasons that a medical professional may prescribe soft foods for a period. Soft foods are extremely easy to chew and swallow. Sometimes, a soft food diet is prescribed in a progression following a clear liquid diet. It is important to note that a soft diet isn't the same thing as a bland diet.Author: Karen Frazier. Mar 26, 2018 · Some recipes and meals work well as part of a soft food diet, such as: guacamole or mashed avocado. dahl curry. soups. stews and casseroles. tuna and mayonnaise. cauliflower and cheese.Author: Jo Lewin Rnutr.

Soft Food Ideas for the Elderly. Doctors also may recommend softer foods following head, neck or abdominal surgery, and for patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. Tender or soft foods help ease the amount of chewing and swallowing needed to ingest food. You can also modify tougher foods in texture and consistency for better tolerance. Some foods and mentioned products contain UK affiliate links to useful products that I recommend for soft food diet needs. These are chosen for their ability to process or cook food in the most effective way (i.e. higher wattage for more power to blend smoothly).

Nov 05, 2014 · Here is a list of some of the soft foods and liquids you can add to your diet following dental surgery! Enjoy! 1. Applesauce – Cook apples till tender and blend or store bought. You can also try apricots and peaches. 2. Avocado – Mashed plain or mixed with your preference. 3. Gentle food for the surgically impaired: Spinach Mashed Potatoes Bearden Bearden Bearden Bearden Bearden Bearden Wendt For Soft Food Diet / Tooth Extraction. I might skip the cream-cheese but this sounds good - could use kale instead of spinach, too.