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International Journal of Stem cell Research & Therapy is an open access, peer reviewed journal that initiates reviews and publishes articles from original research field, clinical studies and other article types in all areas of stem cells. IJSCRT will be authoritatively launched in June, 2014 are distributed as quarterly journal, on frequent processing, while frequencies steadily secure the. One cell type of interest is mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs, adult stem cells), which are a heterogenous population of pericytes that contribute to vascular homeostasis. When MSCs are expanded ex vivo and administered as a therapy, they act via a myriad of paracrine pathways to suppress inflammation and promote organ protection 2-4.Cited by: 10.

Stem Cell Research & Therapy is the major forum for translational research into stem cell therapies. An international peer-reviewed journal, it publishes high-quality open access research articles with a special emphasis on basic, translational and clinical research into stem cell therapeutics and regenerative therapies, including animal models and clinical trials. Oct 01, 2016 · Importance Stem cell therapy is a promising treatment strategy for patients with heart failure, which accounts for more than 10% of deaths in the United States annually. Despite more than a decade of research, further investigation is still needed to determine whether stem cell regenerative therapy is an effective treatment strategy and can be routinely implemented in clinical practice.Cited by: 98.

Sep 30, 2016 · Mechanisms of action of adult stem cells in stroke. A critical limitation of adult stem cell therapy for stroke is the lack of complete understanding of mechanism of action mediating the observed therapeutic benefits. Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) can replace the missing brain cells in the infarcted area.Cited by: 31. Considering adult neural stem cell transplantation as a regenerative strategy after stroke, progress has been made in isolating human adult neural stem cells and demonstrating the feasibility of autologous neural stem cell transplantation.