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M's is very close to the Akihabara Metro stop, It is a super slender store that hold tons of adult treasure!!!! It has probably over 700 different products in the store, from DVDs, Sex Toys, to other novelty items. it is clean and the music/video play back is not too loud like some of the shops in 4/5(13). The creativity involved in Japan's porn industry is on full display at this seven-floor sex goods shop next to Akihabara Station, and the best way to peruse their wares is slowly, from the top Location: 1-15-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Beginning its existence as a center of postwar black-market activity, Akihabara later became the showcase of Japanese tech, jam-packed with shops selling all kinds of electronics and IT to the world. More recently, it has also become the cultural home to the diehard fans of gaming, manga and anime—the otaku. Coming to Japan for anime and manga shopping? You should check this list of 9 best shops to plan your shopping day in Akihabara Tokyo.Author: Hub Japan.

The best sex shops in Tokyo Teasers, Tenga, and terrifying toys. Akihabara Whips, ball-gags, 747-powered dildos and corkscrew butt plugs sit side by side with schoolgirl uniforms and lingerie Author: Time Out Tokyo Editors. May 13, 2019 · Tokyo Adult Guide - Akihabara Sex Shop Map. It's easy to get lost in Akihabara. The signs are mostly in Japanese and stores look very much the same to the untrained eye. We have compiled a handy map for you to guide you on your quest to find the best sex shops in Akihabara.

Dec 27, 2017 · Less than a minute’s walk from Akihabara station’s Electric Town Exit, pop life department m’s (labeled as “M’s Pop Life adult department store Akihabara” on Google Maps, for ease of searching) sits on a corner next to a cell phone shop and a currency exchange window. Spanning 7 floors, it might be one of the biggest adult shops you Author: Tina From TENGA. Akihabara (秋葉原), also called Akiba after a former local shrine, is a district in central Tokyo that is famous for its many electronics shops. In more recent years, Akihabara has gained recognition as the center of Japan's otaku (diehard fan) culture, and many shops and establishments devoted to anime and manga are now dispersed among the electronic stores in the district.