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walrus penis walking cane - Oosiks of walrus, seal and raccoon

The legendary bull penis cane AKA The bull dick cane is the most unique of all walking canes. The perfect cane to make any cane collection complete, these walking canes are constructed of real bull organs, fully sterilized and prepared by a professional taxidermist.The durable metal rod down the center of the penis cane ensures its longevity and reinforces its sturdy nature. (Fossil & modern penis bones, baculum) Yes, some animals do have a real bone as the sexual organ, such as seal, polar bear, raccoon, walrus, mink, coyote, beaver, river otter, badger and red fox! When they fossilize they are often used in carving knife handles. Large walrus oosiks are even made into cribbage boards!

Mar 21, 2014 · Bull penis canes from are not stretched over their supportive rod. They are naturally 36" long or longer, and the metal support within is virtually invisible. The organ is professionally cleaned, sterilized and treated using top-quality taxidermy techniques, so you can be sure that your unique penis cane is beautiful, safe. Aug 24, 2013 · Discovered this walking cane was made out of a bull's penis after it was too late to not touch it. Walrus baculums (baculi?) are even more impressive. you knew damn good and well that was a penis. you had your hands all over that stick. the store clerk had to kick you out because you got all creepy in aisle 9.

Description This two tone, white and brown horn handled cane has been made from 'genuine' Elk horn and is accented with a brass gold Elk in two locations on the handle.The bull penis shaft ties in the looks of the cane with a Buffalo Nickel and brass plate stating "made from the Reproduction Organ of a Bull". Dec 14, 2016 · The bone was even larger in the past. A fossilized, 4.5-foot os penis of an extinct walrus species fetched $8,000 at auction in 2007. But humans, curiously, do not have penis Author: Ben Guarino.

Oct 02, 2007 · The fossil walrus penis bone. hot right now. How You Can Try (And Fail) to Enable the New Android Auto: This is a server-side switch that Google needs to activate.Author: Stefan Anitei. The baculum (also penis bone, penile bone, or os penis, or os priapi) is a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals.It is absent in the human penis, but present in the penises of other primates, such as the gorilla and chimpanzee. The bone is located above the male urethra, and it aids sexual reproduction by maintaining sufficient stiffness during sexual penetration.

The Walking Cane is a Dress Tab Item, which can also be used as a Weapon. It requires 1 Walrus Tusk, 2 Gold Nuggets, and 4 Twigs to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. It increases the character's movement speed by 25% while equipped. The Walking Cane's speed boost puts the Character on. Canadian walrus and narwhal ivory is available for sale as whole tusks or pieces of varying sizes and shapes. Whether for the collector or for further manufacture, we offer narwhal tusk, walrus tusk, walrus oosik (walrus baculum or penis bone), walrus and polar bear skulls, sperm whale teeth, mammoth ivory, pre-ban elephant ivory, muskox horns.